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About me

         Conversant writing and supportive melodies; Scott Thiessen is able to connect with his audience and establish himself as a voice for the quiet and looking. While many trends today seem to be asking for less from the artist, Scott opts for longer and deeper connections.

         A soulful mix of pop, alternative, and contemporary, and with influences from Adele, Lorde, and Taylor Swift; Scott’s songs fuse the melodramatics with something more digestible. 

         Bearing the mark of a pro, his music reaffirms the listener that they are in good hands. He is most proud of his work in his songs “Don't Leave Me Lonely”, and “Awake” for their heartfelt storytelling and melodic structures. 

         His sweet spot may be sad and slow, but he is no stranger to a beat and a hook. In his songs “Fever Dreams”, and “Lips Don’t Move”, Scott proves his undeniably close relationship between his creative side and the pop music industry that exists today, drawing over 400,000 streams between them alone.  

         A graduate of Seneca College for Independent Songwriting and Performance (2017) and Independent Music Production (2018), Scott is always writing and recording new music. Since graduating, Scott has released three self produced EP's entitled “Summertime Madness(2018), “Summertime Madness II (2019), and “A Fool’s Guide to a Fool’s Life (2020), as well as songs off of his forthcoming debut album, including his debut single, “Lips Don’t Move (2018), recorded with Juno Award winning producer Siegfried Meier.

         While working on his new music, Scott has been spending time making a name for himself by playing live stream shows online and performing around Toronto, Canada. The Painted Lady(2017), The Steamwhistle Roundhouse(2017/2018), The Hideout(2018), The Cameron House(2019), The Mod Club(2019), Free Times Cafe(2021). Scott made his radio debut on East FM 102.7 on May 23rd, 2018, where he premiered and performed songs off of his debut EP., and has since been played on local and college radio across Ontario. 

         Scott has always seen his music as a form of sight, from a heartbreak to a headache, and uses it as a way to express and process the good, bad, and overwhelming. He wants his songs to get close with people in the way we find ourselves getting closer to ourselves when we are alone; when we reveal our trust to the silence around us to bring us peace and not harm. He wants to make the quiet heard. It doesn't always mean much, and sometimes it means too much, but the expression has endless value. “Sometimes the smallest thought can make you feel the most, so why not make something of it?” - Scott Thiessen

"Attention to detail. The  mark of a pro"

Dr. Linda Morozuik, Seneca College

"Speaking straight to the soul." "The album* has a solid foundation of pop in its varied sound, but rather than being short and sweet, I'd call it brief and soulful"   *Summertime Madness II

Steph Skavinski, The Walleye 

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